The 7 Best Practices for Content Curation Scroll to the bottom of the post for a free tools and resources download You already understand that content curation is providing your target market with the information they’re looking for and adding value to that content at the same time . It isn’t hard to do successfully, as long as you observe the following best practice / tips. 1. Know Your Marketplace Successful content curation doesn’t mean finding content that interests you (although it might mean that incidentally). What it means is choosing content that your readers will find useful or intriguing, ideally it will help them solve a problem or help them reinforce a belief they have about themselves. When you start curating by understanding your readers and what they’re looking for online, information-wise means you’ll reap the benefits of content curation. The better you know their interests and needs the better you’ll be  able to deliver the relevant content. The content won’t be patronising, it won’t be fluffy, it will be exactly what your reader is looking for. 2. Follow & Observe Other Curators The best way to learn any skill is to observe those that came before. Follow other content curators and see not only what kind of information they share but how they go about doing it. That does not mean sharing the same, identical content as they do but observing how they select their content, how they position it to their readers and followers, and how they interact with the responses. I make a point to follow curators in vastly different niches so I can see what techniques will work across the board and what ones are niche specific. You can learn a great deal about sharing content and engaging your audience by simply paying attention to the methods of other experts. 3. Choose the Right Tools Oooo Shiny! There are many good tools to help you deliver content to your readers. In fact, there are too many. Resist the temptation to butterfly around among different tools. Spend some time shopping around, reading reviews, Check out free trials Choose one that you like and that does what you need it to do Stick with that it. See the free resources and tools sheet giveaway in the box at the bottom of the page 4. Add Value Don’t just present the content as-is. The very best content […]

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