As I discussed in my first post, it can be a real challenge to maintain the pace of content needed to succeed in today’s busy social media environment .  Forrester’s famous Social Technographics report revealed that most of us are not natural content creators.  And there are so many media choices today, making it harder to break through and make an impression. Content curation can open the floodgates by providing a rich source of third party info for sharing and commentary.  It helps to ensure a steady stream of topics by avoiding over-reliance on 100% original content, and is a great way to keep the channels brimming with SEO-friendly posts. It is a word that I used to hate because it sounded so grandiose.  But “content curation” as an approach and phrase seems to have stuck and is growing, driven by our online collection sharing and impulses. Having said that, it may not be obvious how and why to use curation for content marketing.  How can someone else’s information benefit your campaign?  What good can third party content be in helping to promote your products and services? Well it makes a lot of sense, especially when using social media […]

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