Content Curation Strategy for Content Marketers: Part 2

In the first of this two part post, we talked about content curation strategies. Content curation is applicable to three interrelated content marketing goals: driving targeted website traffic; generating thought or brand leadership; and nurturing leads.

To drive traffic, you can curate to your blog , an industry news or niche topic site which links to your website and social media sharing. To generate thought and brand leadership, you produce both original content and add your expert commentary to curated industry news and blog posts.  Then post these curated excerpts on your company blog and share via social media. Also, sharing other peoples high quality content that you curate via social media and an industry niche site promotes your brand. Curated content is also great for nurturing lead in both an email newsletter of sharing via social media. Curation Strategy Overview Content Curated Industry Site

Sometimes called microsites, industry news portals, or topic sites, curated industry niche websites are a great way to drive traffic and brand and thought leadership. This is the ultimate in sharing with and organizing for your audience all the benefits of curation we discussed earlier. Own Your Niche!

Becoming a resource for your profession or industry niche makes you the go-to resource when your services or product is needed. Customers and leads are the goals of your B2B content marketing.

Hosting your curated content on an industry topic site will increase the authority of your company website as you will link to it as the sponsor and, of course, include your own original content. The curated site will have increasing authority and so will your own site. You will enlarge your SEO footprint faster than your competitors’.

Content Curated Newsletters

I hope, as part of your content-marketing strategy, you have both a reason and mechanism to capture email addresses. It is also a good idea to have the emails of your customers. For both leads and customers, newsletters are a great way to maintain relevance and be top-of-mind with them. Lead nurturing

Industry news

Best of the week posts and newsletters. Social Media Sharing

Social media, by its nature, tends to be very time sensitive. Therefore, sharing is often a key to rising above the noise and having your content shared. When done correctly, sharing on social networks will not only create awareness but also drive traffic to your website.

Here are some social media stats […]

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