I’ve already written about the anatomy of a good content curator , but what does a good content curator use on the job to make life easier? There are many tools designed to help social media managers. I don’t think there is one cure-all tool, however, with the right combination of programs and apps, social curation can become a streamlined process that can be as routine as getting ready every morning for work. It might help to experiment with different tools until you find the right combination that works for you. Not every social media manager works in the same sphere or has the same demands from their target audience. Here’s what I use to get my hands on as much of the web as possible for social sharing:   1.  Feedly Beautiful, easy to navigate interface Organizes masses of content in an easy to digest format Seamless sharing with Buffer Feedly is a news aggregation app, which takes in information from all over the web and displays it in an easy-to-navigate, easy-to-digest, easy-to-share format. Feedly syncs with your Google Reader account, allowing you to add whichever websites and blogs you are following to it. It also makes discovery simple, allowing you to search by keyword, providing a list of relevant blogs and sites with follower counts to help you choose reputable and influential sources. Navigation Flipping through Feedly is a breeze. You can view content by “Today” or “Latest,” allowing you to find the most newsworthy posts, as time is of essence when it comes to content curation. You can also search by topics. Some of mine are: B2B, marketing, advertising, design, inspiration, health, social media, and SEO. I can control what is in each category, making it easy for me to keep content organized in a way that makes it most efficient for me to find what I need. Interface The interface of Feedly is crisp and clean, swift and organized. This is ideal for someone who is blazing through hundreds of pieces of content at a time. They even have an option to view posts in a de-cluttered format, without images so it’s easiest to read quickly. Feedly also works on your mobile device and on desktop computers. Sharing It’s super easy to share content on Feedly, with built-in email, Twitter, Facebook, G+, and Buffer shortcuts, including the options to save article or copy the link. […]

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