Making sure you follow proper curation etiquette is crucial for both SEO and legal reasons. This article discusses copyright infringement as well as bad social media and its impact to you for not doing so.  With content curation becoming an important tool to branding and authority sites, this topic is very timely and relevant.  Please leave your thoughts below…

Content curationAs a follow-up to our previous post,  How to Curate Content without Stealing , let’s take a look at why ethics needs to be taken seriously on social media by highlighting some consequences of copyright infringements. (Image screenshot of listing on  Content Curation Marketing .)

Cheers to ethical content curation!!

Time to cut to the chase, so…

Consequences of Copyright Infringement and bad Social Media Ethics  Reputation and Credibility

As a media and communications job seeker, your credibility is what will make or break your career. If you ever get caught stealing content (including images) off another site without proper credit, there goes your reputation. As Warren Buffet said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.”

Can anyone really afford another 20 years to build a brand new reputation? (Image courtesy of ) Law Suit Depending on the country where the plaintiff’s and your business is conducted and the type of copyright infringed, charges will vary accordingly.

Even if you get away with a small fine, a legal case is bad for businesses, be it yours or your organizations. From a public relations perspective, your job is to prevent crisis situations, not create one and a copyright law suit in my opinion is one of the most careless way to be throwing away your hard earned reputation and credibility.

Legal Case study

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