Sarah Arrow has several excellent articles on content curation and this article is right up there with her others. She helps establish an effective content curation process for curating content on your blog. Having covered the basics in her earlier articles, she focuses on searching and selecting your content, and the pitfalls within that process.

If you are looking to learn how to more effectively curate content this is a must read and as always, please provide your thoughts and comments below… Thx Tex

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Content curation sounds simple enough. We’ve covered the basics : You find content your readers would like and share it with them, either summarizing it or just adding your opinions somewhere in the post.

The more you personalise it, the better the post becomes. But once you start gathering content to share, you begin to realize it’s a bit more complicated than you thought. It takes a bit of focus and creativity to find good content and then organise it.

So I thought I’d share my content curation plan with you, let me know what you’d add to the list.

Scheduling Your Content Search The best way to find content is to work it into your regular routine for me that means checking Google Reader and adding feeds to the reader. For me this works out better than spending a whole day Googling the right content.

It works because when you spend a little time each day, you find fresh content that’s up to date and that in turn inspires your own creativity. You also keep yourself from burning out searching the Web for things to share. There’s nothing worse than writing to a deadline and not having any of the right resources in place. Choose a time to set aside each day.

Try to find a time when you’re most likely to enjoy the search. For example, first thing in the morning before your workday gets started, it might be fun to scan the Web looking for news. This may be a better time than late at night when your tired and not focused on the task at hand.

Searching for content is also a great activity to do when you’re killing time waiting for something or in my case, someone. You might have ten spare minutes before the kids come home , 20 minutes while waiting for a swimming lesson to finish, or a half hour while waiting on hold with tech support. These little nooks and crannies of time aren’t able to be used for serious, focused work, but you can use them to find content.

Try to select and save content using your mobile so that you can do it anytime. I use the G-Whizz app on my iphone and the Google reader app on my Galaxy Note.

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