If you are a newbie in the field of blogging then you might not hear about the term “Content Curation”. And, if you are an existing blogger then you might heard of this term but I don’t think many of you are not aware completely about content curation. Let me explain and educate you on this completely. What is Content Curation? Let me get this straight, “ Copying the other sites ”. Yeah! This is what content curation is about. In other words we can say inspiring from the other blogs. A normal writer will do is, visiting some regular sites and analyzing the content then applying the same on their blogs by re-writing the content. E.G. There is a press release about a new Nokia mobile device. We will analyze the specs, features etc then writing the same on our sites. “Content Curation is nothing but writing the Synopsis of a topic in your site from other blogs” How to Practice Content Curation? I don’t suggest you to do this because as you are publishing, Already published article but you want to go for Content Curation then add a source link while doing. Types of Content Curation: In my research I found 3 ways to curate the content. 1. Rewriting: Like we discussed above, Rewrite the whole content in your words and include a source link. 2. Copy-Paste: This is another way to curate the content. If you are so impressed by an article and want to use the same on your blog then copy- paste the first 4-5 lines. And, add a link to read more with the original source link. 3. Just the Title: There is hot news in some other site and what you do is, just change the title and post it in your blog. When a reader wants to read that article then that will be redirected to the source. Content Curation is a Good or Bad Practice? Here comes our main question! Content Curation is not a suggestible practice. In other hand, it is not a Black Hat technique either. Let me explain you with a real time scenario. I have a friend, Caroline Randall, content curation blog Daily Mom Report admin. I got a doubt that if I can do content curations then no need to write-ups, just updating the news and I can make good revenue without any work. So […]

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