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Content curation is getting a lot of “press” in the field of education. While not my area of expertise, it is easy to see thoughtful, dedicated teachers looking for creative ways to provide education content for the students.    provides insight in how Educators can use Scoop.It to enhance the discovery and presentation of Internet content for their subject matter…

Get The Scoop And Give Your Visitors The Info They Want.Scoop.it is a freemium service (more on that below) that allows you to create a web page to share
It does that by (1) combining clever curation tools that make it easy to gather content in one place with (2) a reasonably wide range of sharing functionalities to let people know about your page.what you find interesting with the world.

What Can You Do With It?

Here are are some practical ideas that people have already come up with on how to put Scoop.it to good use:

  • Create a simple webpage for a single topic.  If you are teaching about a specific topic (a holiday, country, person, etc.) in some depth, you can aggregate articles on the subject matter on one page.  See here about a teacher who used it to make a Ground Hog’s Day page.
  • Publish a magazine for colleagues or like-minded types on what you think are interesting or pertinent topics.  An example can be found here as well as links to other useful web applications.
  • Organizing in one location materials that you might use across different classes.  You can use a Scoop.it page to aggregate educational videos, online quizzes, spelling resources, and other similar stuff.  These guys/gals can show you how to do it.
  • If you are teaching about an active news item, you can use Scoop.it curation tools to create a page that is constantly updated with the latest items on the topic.  Here is more about how to go about doing that.
  • Or use it to create your own lightweight, low-maintenance blog with automated content addition.  Take a look at this Scoop.it pagemaintained by this teacher.

Click here to view original web page at theedublogger.com

Brian Weaver provides hands on insight into leveraging Scoop.It for the classroom:

Scoop.it tutorial

Instructions on using scoop.it for the classroom

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