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Curate Content More Efficiently with Content DJ

A year and a half ago Jerry Tian quit his job as a software engineer to join the startup game. But like many who set out on their own, he found himself lacking focus. “I was in Vancouver pulling my hair out because I couldn’t find the right idea,” he said.

For his first venture, he jumped into building an online tutoring platform. To build buzz and the product’s user base, he started messing around on Twitter, mostly sharing cool articles on education technology. “I found that I was getting all of these retweets, gaining something like 1,000 followers a month,” Tian said. “I was essentially hacking on Twitter when I realized that content marketing was a real thing, and what I was doing was actually quite valuable to other startups.”

To piggyback on that engagement he began reaching out to those who shared his content. “Whenever someone retweeted me, I would tweet them back a link inviting them to subscribe to a weekly newsletter for more cool ed tech content. So with this large Twitter following, I also had a growing subscriber list, all thanks to sharing articles. I was essentially hacking on Twitter when I realized that  content marketing  was a real thing, and what I was doing was actually quite valuable to other startups”

But as all content curators do, Tian quickly realized that collecting and sharing the good stuff takes time…lots and lots of time. And thus, he found his right idea: a content curation platform that does the heavy lifting for you.

Content DJ  helps curators with each step of the content curation process: finding, sharing and tracking engagement. Find Content Once you connect your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WordPress are the current options), Content DJ will prompt you to enter a handful of keywords relevant to the content you want to share.

For example, I picked social media, digital marketing, content marketing and startups. I can now head over the content tab to find articles that are trending in each of the categories that I selected. Content DJ scans millions of content pieces online to find relevant articles that fall under each of these topics.

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Content makes the social web go round, but finding the right content to share on your company’s social networking properties is NOT a simple task most days. Sure, you can slap any ol’ thing on your Facebook page or Twitter every day and be done with it – but then why be there at all? What’s the point?Wouldn’t it be great to consistently find trusted, highly viral content relevant to your industry that helps establish your company’s standing as a thought leader?

Here’s how you can do just that.

Rallyverse, a Twitter certified product partner, “helps brands discover and share relevant social media content.”

Jumping right in, here are some Rallyverse features you would love:

Trending For You – A personalized snapshot of the top 10 trending topics in social media based on each client’s profile and objectives.

Recommended Retweets – Rallyverse now recommends tweets for its clients to Retweet, Reply, Favorite, or Quote directly from the Rallydeck. The recommendations are based on the relative influence of the user who posted the tweet, Rallyverse’s proprietary methodology for calculating influence, and the real-time relevance of the tweet’s topic.

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) – This feature recommends a user’s previously published posts that are still generating significant engagement and remain relevant to real-time conversations — enabling Rallyverse clients to generate additional engagement from great content.

Approvals – The option to set up a workflow in the Rallydeck that ensures that your social media updates in Rallyverse can be approved by an administrator before they are published.

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Welcome To The Rallyverse

In social media, your content is your ad. Rallyverse shows brands what to say and when to say it in social media. Share Smarter.

CurationSoft 2.0 With Post Builder

I have used CurationSoft for a little over a year and it is one of my tools to enhance my curation process. It isn’t my primary tool, but it is definitely an important part of my toolset.

Greatly reduce the time it takes to find, review, and include content from sources in blog posts and on social media. You will post more often, gather more search rankings and increase your following.

CurationSoft Mega Update: Recently, the developer of this awesome software has added new features that makes curating even easier. Essentially, the main addition is that you can now post directly to your WordPress blog via the software and not “copy and paste” like it use to be before. It also supports other platforms like, Blogger, Google+, Drupal, Tumblr, and more.

CurationSoft is a software that allows bloggers to focus on creating great posts without all the back-and-forth of copying, pasting, and having a gazillion open tabs. It takes the pain out of creating great mashups that are filled with content your visitors are looking for. It also enables bloggers to have more time to post more often, giving you more potential search rankings and a more loyal following.

How fast could your business grow if more people started coming to you for the news in your niche? Main Features and Additions from previous version includes: 1/06/13 [2.0.0] Bug Fix: incorrect support address link changed to correct one. Bug Fix: related keyword functionality restored. Added function to create and manage multiple WordPress accounts. Added inbuilt Post Editor: user now can create posts inside CurationSoft.

Added function to insert local images to the posts. Added function to post directly to a WordPress blog (multiple blogs are supported). Watch this almost 8 minute video demo below to learn everything about our latest and biggest update: The Post Builder Update.


CurationSoft 2.0 – The Postbuilder Update – The latest 2.0 version of CS is ready to go. It is a huge update with a fully fledged inbuilt post builder.

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MyCurator | Content Curation in WordPress

Great post! Here are my observations on MyCurator

I have been using the MyCurator WP plugin pretty much since it first showed up. I even beta test some of the new releases for Mark. MyCurator provides a number of key benefits: well targeted, filtered content on specific keywords; it “learns” what is good and not good content so you can focus on the best content for your blog; it keeps your content funnel full so you never run out of ideas for new blog posts, which is huge for me as blogging is a part time project

I have and have used desktop software type content curation products, CuationSoft, PageOne Curator and others. And while they are good products, they are reactive not proactive. You have to go find the content and then rate which is “good”.

MyCurator does all of that “boring” work for you and provides you a list of “good”, “not sure” and “bad” categorized content. Because I have been using it for multiple months on my curation blog, I seldom spend any time with an articles rated as anything but “good” as the software has been trained so well now.

In fact, MyCurator found this blog post 🙂

If you have a WordPress blog and you want to get into content curation, I highly recommend you take a serious look at MyCurator.

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Posted by Jeremy Floyd on Feb 21, 2013 in content curation | So, I’ve been a little consumed with content curation recently–I get it. For about six months, I’ve been searching for v.2 of this healthcare reform curation software that we built a few years ago, and I figure there must be a better way. As it turns out, I believe the architecture and design was pretty advanced for 2010, but we still need a refresh. After writing my first post on content curation, I received a pingback from , which led me to research Content Curation WordPress plugins. After a bit of research, I came across MyCurator–a software project of Mark Tilly. According to his site, “MyCurator works tirelessly in the background delivering a pipeline of content to you throughout the day, ready for your curation.” After poking around on the site for a while, I contacted Mark to discuss more about the software, and he agreed to answer a few questions: 1. Why do you think content curation is such a hot topic right now? MT: Fundamentally, there is just so much information out on the web that the old paradigm of using Search is failing. Not only is there too many relevant articles returned at any one search, but you have to keep going back to find the new ones. The idea of content curation is that you can become a trusted source of focused content for your community or clients. By taking on the task of identifying the best content on a regular basis – becoming the active, focused search engine – you can build your authority and engagement with your audience. A second element driving it is that Google’s search engine has focused internet properties on the need to develop content to increase their search rankings. Content curation can help with this, too as it is somewhat easier than creating new content every day. 2. What led you to start Target Info? MT: I was using Google Reader to keep up with 50 or so blogs and news sites. After a while, I had over 1,000 unread articles – who can read that much? I initially developed Target Info to find ways to manage that content. My first product was sort of a spam filter for the web. It used AI techniques to filter content coming from an RSS feed, classifying it based […]

MyCurator Content Curation WordPress Plugin

A quick overview of the many features of the MyCurator Software. This plugin for content curation is professional software than can scale from a few articles per day to 100’s of articles across multiple writers and sites. Find out more at…

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Some of the best content curation tools today

A good overview of some content curation tools available online with a brief introduction into the basics of content curation itself. Pretty good list of online tools primarily in the social media arena.

Personally, I prefer MyCurator as my content curation tool, but his provides a pretty good list of paid and free tools.

Enjoy and add your thoughts below…

Content curation is increasing as more and more bloggers see the potential in using the various tools available to them.

Want to try it yourself?

Of course you do…  But before you do let’s consider what content curation is, and weigh up the pros and cons.

Content curation is a technique to find, gather, and present highly selective online content around specific topics/aimed at specific groups. The content can come from various sources, including articles, blog posts, videos, photos, tools. It can appear in a variety of places, including feeds on blogs, social media, and online newsrooms.

There are ethical concerns over content curation. However, by taking a careful approach you can help overcome them. This includes ensuring that you give credit to all your sources through references/ links, as well as summarising the key points of these articles rather than wholly copying what they have written. You must avoid relying solely on curated content.

Instead, you need to combine curated content with your original content. Content curating should be used “in addition to” rather than “instead of” your original content. Can become too automated. Hence, it requires a human-being to select and organise the content for their target audience.

Quality should be prioritised over quantity.

The demand of sourcing relevant and valuable content can be a challenge. Nevertheless, if done properly, content curation has many benefits.


Advertising is in decline and the vast nature of the internet and the online community presents significant opportunities. People increasingly want to be informed and are using the internet to do it; they are looking to the ever-growing supply of user-generated content.

You can combine it together including with your own unique content and inform others about it. Content curation  gives your readers the content they want.

You are filtering through vast quantities of information and  presenting the best available.

You add your unique perspective on the theme.

You are  filtering out the useless content, and giving greater focus.   Gives readers what they demand and what they are interested in.

With content curation you can provide valuable, high quality and relevant information. It can be used to inform, engage and entertain readers. As it enables you to act as a valuable resource for your audience, it helps build trust and authority with amongst your readers.

Build your social media networks and word-of-mouth advertising through the value you provide. Boost your traffic.


Zemanta WordPress Plugin


CuartionSoft 2.0


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A content curation software for SMBs

As this article illustrates, Curata is a powerful, B2B curation platform designed primarily for SMBs. Both its functionality and its price point takes is out of the typical Internet Marketer’s range.

That said, it looks to be one of the leading solutions for SMB to effectively brand via content curation. Please comment below

Content marketing is an effective way for brands to maintain a presence for their online audience. Curata finds content for companies in an efficient way that learns from user behavior.

The content discovery tools for consumers are many and diverse, but companies need their own way to curate content that is meaningful for their customers, fans or followers. While having a consistent stream of content is essential to keep their social network optimized and attentive to brand activity, doing it manually is extremely time-consuming and otherwise resource-intensive.

Curata  is a software that helps brands find content, organize it, and share to networks or sites, in order to create a solid marketing strategy based on content curation. Content curation allows brands to position themselves as thought leaders in a field, or on specific topics. Customizable Find pulls from sources and suggests content Find is the tool that a social media manager will rely on to uncover content from around the web. Find retrieves relevant material from “news, blogs, feeds and social media sources,” and creates a “content flow.”

The user determines sources, then indicates words or phrases of interest that must be included, filtering each of them in custom source tuning dialog boxes. As Curata learns more about what type of content the user prefers, Find prioritizes and suggests other content and sources.

A bookmarklet adds convenience to add pages while browsing the web. Other Curata tools help users build context and recognize trending topics After using Find, the Organize function helps the user create a taxonomy to group content and navigate it more easily. Organize also learns from usage, so it becomes aware of how content is grouped and responds accordingly. By scanning content regularly, Organize also identifies trending topics, and creates optimized search result landing pages.

After being contextualized, content is ready to be brought into Share, which can directly publish to an HTML5 site or blog, social networks and email newsletters. Curata aims to help businesses build and monitor a content marketing practice while addressing challenges like limited budget and minimal staff.

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For B2B Marketers: Tools to Drive Quality Traffic & Leads

Content Marketing

In just 4 months website traffic and leads generated increased 464%! See how a customer used the B2B ContentEngine to accelerate the benefits of content marketing with Curation and Social Sharing.  See our marketer specific plans and pricing here.


The B2B ContentEngine curation and content marketing software gives you the tools you need to:

Drive Targeted Web Traffic:

  • Frequent Content Updates to Increase Organic Traffic
  • Social Curation to Drive Direct Traffic
    – Increase Social Media Traffic 1,200% in Months!*
  • Curated Niche Topic Site to Generates Targeted Traffic to Your Website
  • Curate Newsletters to Bring Leads & Customers Back

Become A Thought Leader:

  • Dramatically Increase Targeted
  • Fresh Content for Social Media Sharing
  • Niche Topic Portal for Authority
  • “Best of …” &  ”Round-Up” Blog Content

Nurture Leads:

  • Create Weekly “Best of …” Newsletters to eMail Leads
  • Industry “Roundup” to Show Authority

Get Found:

Thought Leadership tools

  • Fresh Keyword Rich Content for Search Engines
  • Frequent Content Updates for SEO
  • Curate Content to Show Authority
  • Increase Organic Search Traffic by 460%!*

* High ROI:

See how you can save 44% & the traffic you can generate here.

Content Targeted To Your Audience.

Get Curation for Content Marketers eBook Free Today


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This article really makes sense to me. I love a lot of the social curation sites available now but I want that content on a domain I totally control. And so should you. This is a great read about why this is so obvious. YOU MUST CONTROL it to monetize with any success! Brought to you by the developers of Curation Traffic…

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Content curation is an awesome strategy. It is a low risk,
big impact marketing tactic that has the ability to convert like crazy when put into action. In order for you to use it as an effective conversion tool for you or your business, however, when it comes to monetizing the curated content, the only thing that really matters is: YOU MUST CONTROL THE CLICK. Well, okay, other stuff does still matter. It is important to be a good curator and build trust and authority. These things are of prime importance in order to achieve the traffic you are looking for. But once the traffic is there, whoever controls the click ultimately determines where that traffic goes. So, for this post, I want to ask you to join me in this bubble of thought where the only thing that matters is where the click goes, be that on a link, a product, or wherever you intend to direct the traffic. Regardless of how the user found the content, where that click goes, and who controls it, is what is most important. Whoever Controls the Click Wins In the content marketing game, I think this quote from Business Week is one of the most important quotes of the last 5 years: “…the smartest people in the world are working hard to come up with ways to get you to click on ads.” Assuming this is true, just think about it…the smartest engineers and scientists at Google, Apple (yes with SIRI), Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft are spending billions of dollars and massive amounts of brainpower with one goal in mind: To get you to stay engaged and click. I think it is clear what that means in the realm of marketing: Whoever controls the click controls the profit. On the other hand, if you don’t control where the click goes, you lose your opportunity to monetize. And that’s the name of the game in content marketing. That’s why you do it, after all, to monetize. If you are in it with any other motivation, then it’s really just a hobby. That’s why you must own the platform. It is Becoming Increasingly Important to Own the Platform When you curate on any platform that you do not own, or even within social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, then you have no control of where the click goes. The platform you […] View Full Article…

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Motivation for your Content Curation

Mark Tilly does an great job of talking about the need for continuous motivation to insure you are consistent with your curation posting day in and day out! I find MyCurator dramatically enhances my motivation and consistency with curation because it provides me daily with quality articles based on my specific keywords. Nothing has improved my curation more than MyCurator! Read for yourself, but if you are considering curation as a content marketing strategy, MyCurator should be your primary tool!

Photo Credit: Mark Tilly

I’m not the creative type, and find it hard to come up with new content for my blog.  I turned to content curation to help me set up some form of regular posting schedule.  Along the way, I found that there is more to curation than just gathering content.  Content curation is a very inspiring practice for me, bringing me in contact with great writers and insightful ideas every day.  Being exposed to a stream of articles and posts in the niche’s that you are following lets you start to see the topic from so many different points of view.  It becomes a great educational experience, not only broadening your understanding of a topic, but sparking innovative ideas for your own business, products or blogging. Building Authority Many articles on curation highlight that content curation on your blog or website can help you become an authority for your clients or community.  But its not the fact that you have a bunch of articles about a topic that provides that authority.  It is the act of curation, of reading through many, many articles on the topic and learning from those points of view and ideas that you begin to gather authority.   It is the curator that gains authority. You, as a curator, can then demonstrate that authority through your choice of content to display and the insights and ‘story’ you provide to your community.  It is your own passion and curiosity for the topic, your exploration of it in detail, and your creation of a narrative about it that makes for good content curation.  You can establish with your clients and prospects that you are deeply interested in the field, or just have a passion that is reflected in your business. Some Examples to Motivate your Curation To tap into your passion and curiosity, you may find that you need to take an approach that is not just about your business or product. Maybe a Real Estate agent doesn’t curate the latest local market news like everyone else.  Tapping into your interest in home remodeling trends, or the newest landscaping ideas may spark your curiosity and make it easier for you to build that authority. A Financial Planner may curate topics on tactical asset allocation strategies in some of the new ETF’s  instead of the usual market news.  Maybe throw in some articles on biking experiences and routes.  It […] View Full Article…

Content Curation with MyCurator

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PhotoCAMBRIDGE, Mass., Nov. 6, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Curata, Inc., a content curation company that enables marketers and publishers to easily find, organize, and share content, today announced that a mobile app is available in the iTunes store for iPhone and iPad users, and the Android Market for Android users. The app, unveiled at the company’s fourth annual User Conference, enables Curata users to curate on-the-go. Curata expects the mobile app to significantly expedite the curation process as busy marketers are now able to review and sift through the content on a mobile device.

“I’m working against the clock to produce quality content on a daily basis, and Curata’s software has greatly reduced the time it takes for me to create the content I need to effectively promote my company,” said Tom Bishop, Director of Marketing and Communications,KnowledgeVision. “Adding an app means that I can review content while commuting, which is a game changer for me, as I will be able to better concentrate on editorializing the content I’ve selected when I’m in the office.”

Corporate use of mobile devices continues to surge, and B2B marketers must have access to crucial tools when they need them, regardless of location. Add to this, the lack of time they have to produce the content they need in a successful manner, and the ability to review content on the go is invaluable.

“At Curata, the needs of our customers is our number one priority,” said Pawan Deshpande, Curata founder and CEO. “We were thrilled to unveil our mobile app at our fourth annual User Conference, as it not only will significantly increase productivity, but it also shows we understand what our users need to effectively do their job. We look forward to hosting our customers at our User Conference each year to provide them with a forum mto share tips and ideas, as well as to share their feedback on Curata’s solution.”

Curata’s content curation software gives time back to busy marketers by enabling them to curate third-party content from multiple sources, and tag and categorize the content for easy organization. Curata users can then share that information in just 20 minutes or less each day, through a variety of channels.  View Full Article…


Curata Announces Mobile Apps

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