A good overview of some content curation tools available online with a brief introduction into the basics of content curation itself. Pretty good list of online tools primarily in the social media arena.

Personally, I prefer MyCurator as my content curation tool, but his provides a pretty good list of paid and free tools.

Enjoy and add your thoughts below…

Content curation is increasing as more and more bloggers see the potential in using the various tools available to them.

Want to try it yourself?

Of course you do…  But before you do let’s consider what content curation is, and weigh up the pros and cons.

Content curation is a technique to find, gather, and present highly selective online content around specific topics/aimed at specific groups. The content can come from various sources, including articles, blog posts, videos, photos, tools. It can appear in a variety of places, including feeds on blogs, social media, and online newsrooms.

There are ethical concerns over content curation. However, by taking a careful approach you can help overcome them. This includes ensuring that you give credit to all your sources through references/ links, as well as summarising the key points of these articles rather than wholly copying what they have written. You must avoid relying solely on curated content.

Instead, you need to combine curated content with your original content. Content curating should be used “in addition to” rather than “instead of” your original content. Can become too automated. Hence, it requires a human-being to select and organise the content for their target audience.

Quality should be prioritised over quantity.

The demand of sourcing relevant and valuable content can be a challenge. Nevertheless, if done properly, content curation has many benefits.


Advertising is in decline and the vast nature of the internet and the online community presents significant opportunities. People increasingly want to be informed and are using the internet to do it; they are looking to the ever-growing supply of user-generated content.

You can combine it together including with your own unique content and inform others about it. Content curation  gives your readers the content they want.

You are filtering through vast quantities of information and  presenting the best available.

You add your unique perspective on the theme.

You are  filtering out the useless content, and giving greater focus.   Gives readers what they demand and what they are interested in.

With content curation you can provide valuable, high quality and relevant information. It can be used to inform, engage and entertain readers. As it enables you to act as a valuable resource for your audience, it helps build trust and authority with amongst your readers.

Build your social media networks and word-of-mouth advertising through the value you provide. Boost your traffic.


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